The ocean is a never-ending source of fascination for me. In terms of the known world, our oceans are the least known parts of the planet. Only about 5% of the ocean has been explored, according to NOAA.

There are many ocean exploration operations that are ongoing as the rest of us go about our land-based lives. The E/V Nautilus is one such vessel exploring the depths. It is a 211-foot research vessel that operates two remote operation vehicles (ROVs), Hercules and Argus.

During a recent expedition in the Gulf of Mexico, E/V Nautilus encountered a rare sight, the Vampire Squid. Check out the amazing video.

Photo, video: E/V Nautilus

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Joe is an avid saltwater angler. He grew up in Washington State on the south end of Puget Sound where he first started fishing as a boy catching perch, flounder, rockfish, and occasionally salmon. Today, Joe lives in Southern California where he fishes off beaches and jetties, kayaks, and sportfishing boats. Joe writes about his saltwater adventures in the SoCal Salty blog, and for Western Outdoor News.