Shark attacks are a pretty rare occurrence. Contrary to how they are typically portrayed in the media, sharks generally don’t attack humans. When attacks do occur, though, it’s big news; it’s even bigger when they happen during a big national holiday off a popular Southern California beach.

Over the July 4 weekend, that’s exactly what happened to swimmer Steven Robles. Robles was swimming in the ocean between Hermosa and Manhattan Beach when he was attacked by a juvenile great white shark that was hooked on the line of a pier fisherman. Find out all the gory details in this account from

sharkattack_roblesA video of the shark attack that left a swimmer injured yesterday shows the panic that it caused among those at Manhattan Beach enjoying the holiday weekend. Steven Robles, the swimmer bitten by the shark, is expected to recover.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by LoudLabs, was shot by visitors on the Manhattan Beach pier watching a group of swimmers go by. The voices heard on the video seem to be aware that the swimmers would cross paths with the shark, and end up laughing when the shark has its close encounter with Robles.

“He f***in’ jumped right on top of him. Right on top of him!” says a male voice, as if he was watching a quarterback get taken out by a linebacker. In the video the attack can be seen, but only as splashes from a distance.

Photos: Associated Press (top); NBC4 (above)