Every angler I know dreams of that fish of a lifetime. Maybe it’s an exotic fish from a remote locale, or just a really big one of a certain species. It’s part of what keeps us coming back to this sport we love. Every time out, there’s that chance at greatness. You just never know what will be at the end of that line.

Recently, angler Jack McGuire of Anaheim, CA, got his fish of a lifetime. Not only was it an exotic fish in a remote locale, it was a really big one, too. In fact, it was big enough to be a new record. Find out the details in this post from the Juneau Empire.

bighali_ryeA Southern California man caught a giant Pacific halibut near Gustavus last week that rivals the sportfishing world record.

Jack McGuire, of Anaheim, was fishing with Captain Rye Phillips aboard the Icy Rose on July 3 when he hooked and landed a 95-inch, 482-pound halibut near the mouth of Glacier Bay.

The “barn door” halibut would challenge the 459-pound International Game Fish Association world record caught in 1996 by Jack Tragis if it had not been shot and harpooned.

McGuire, 77, was fishing out of Alaskan Anglers Inn, in Gustavus, for the July 4 holiday week. Phillips took McGuire and three other passengers aboard his charter boat to one of his favorite big fish spots in Icy Strait, near Lemesurier Island, in about 130 feet of water.

Photos: Devin Brown / Alaskan Anglers Inn