Little is known about the goblin shark. It’s hard to know much when you never see them. In fact, only two have ever been caught. All that’s known is that they live in very deep water, have a very unusual head shape and sport a mouthful of scary-looking teeth.

Commercial shrimp fisherman Carl Moore recently came face to face with this deep-water monster. Carl and his crew were working the rich waters off Key West in their shrimping vessel, Sea Angles. They pulled up their net from about 200 feet of water. The net was full of shrimp, but also the odd-looking shark. More details of the remarkable catch can be found in this unique story from KeysInfoNet.

goblin1National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research biologist and shark expert John Carlson calls the April 19 catch “an important scientific discovery” since it is only the second goblin shark on record ever found in the Gulf of Mexico. The last specimen found in the Gulf was in July 2000, Carlson said.

The shark is unusual looking, with an elongated, flattened snout and a protruding jaw with narrow, jagged teeth.

Very little is known about goblin sharks, including how long they live, their biological status and their mating habits, Carlson added. One of the only things biologists do know is that goblin sharks live in very deep water.

Photos: KeysInfoNet

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