International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) is the where tackle manufacturers introduce new products to the media and buyers from retail channels. At last year’s show in Las Vegas, LIVETARGET’s bait ball lure earned Best of Show honors in the Hard Bait category. As an attendee of the show, I can tell you that excitement about the lure extended beyond the category. It was so new and innovative that it was clearly the talk of the show.

The concept is simple: Mimic the look of small bait fish, but put it in a larger package that is easier to fish. At this year’s ICAST in Orlando, Florida, LIVETARGET extended the concept with their “Yearling” series. Get all the details about this exciting new lure in this article from Fishing Tackle Retailer.

baitball_2013Building on its founding principle of Match-the-Hatch lure concepts, LIVETARGET will again bring to ICAST a new set of lures built on the brand’s core principles to innovate.

The BaitBall series was introduced at ICAST 2013 as a new concept to the fishing tackle trade. The concept was simple. “Last year we introduced BaitBall to the market,” claims visionary Grant Koppers. “At the time, we announced that our concept was more than just a one-time pattern, our vision extends into a whole new category,” continues Koppers. The introduction of a ‘juvenile’ sized Threadfin Shad, Emerald Shiner and Glass Minnow in 2013 was an immediate success and garnered top honors with a Best of Show award in the Hard Lure category at ICAST.

Fast-forward to ICAST 2014, as LIVETARGET prepares to launch the second wave of BaitBall products: The NEWYearlingTM BaitBall. This new product series is a concept developed around nature’s own baitfish hatchery. Young-of- the-year hatchling baitfish often become the core of the underwater food chain. The stats are simple. Fish lay thousands of eggs, but very few survive to adulthood. Lead lure designer Tobias Weigand states, “When all fish hatch from an egg, they’re tiny in mass.

Photos: Fishing Tackle Retailer (top); Anglers Channel (above)