I like going to aquariums. Lots of people do, because watching the fish is mesmerizing and relaxing. I enjoy that aspect too, but as an angler I have other motivation. For me, being able to observe the fish in their environment (albeit the simulated environment of an aquarium) allows me to better understand the fish. I can then use what I learn about their behavior to guide how I fish for them.

One of the key fish behaviors that will help you catch more fish is knowing how they eat. In this report from Outdoor Life, bass expert Hal Schramm of Mississippi State University shares his knowledge.

bass_eatIt’s impossible to know exactly why a bass decides to eat something. But, through years of research and countless hours spent on the water, bass expert and Mississippi State University professor Hal Schramm has a pretty good idea of how bass eat. By picking Schramm’s brain and taking a look at these underwater photos, we can get a better understanding of how bass turn their prey into calories. The more savvy anglers among us should be able to convert this knowledge into a few more hook ups. 

Bass are built for flashes of speed. Just how fast do these fish actually move? Schramm says that in bursts, they can exceed 3 body lengths per second. This means that in 1 second a 20 inch bass could travel 60 inches or about 5 feet.

What does this mean for the angler? If a bass really wants to hit that crankbait you’re ripping over a weedbed, he’ll be able to catch up to it no matter how fast you reel.

Photos: Outdoor Life

SOURCEOutdoor Life
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