Kids have a lot of distractions these days, from video games and TV to computers and social media. It seems like it’s hard to get my kids’ attention at all when their eyes are locked into some sort of electronic device. One of the reasons why I enjoy fishing so much is because it takes them away from all of these distractions and gives us a common pursuit to bond over together.

Recently, dad Paul and 19-year-old son Ron traveled to British Columbia from faraway Atlanta, Georgia, to spend some quality father/son time fishing. What happened on their trip gave them the fish story of a lifetime.

sturgeon_884_v2On Thursday, June 12, Ron and Paul Jarvis arrived in Canada from Atlanta, Georgia and began a three-day father-son fishing trip. It was the first time 19-year-old Paul Jarvis, an avid angler, had ever fished with his dad Ron. On their first day out fishing, at 11:30 a.m., Paul Jarvis hooked into one of the largest white sturgeon ever caught on the Fraser River.

Total length of  the sturgeon was 11 feet ten inches (361cm) long (that’s a fork length of 10 feet seven inches (326cm) – nose to V in tail) and 56 inches (145cm) in girth, tape measured below the pectoral fins. Although impossible to weigh fish in the river, based on a mathematic formula used in these cases, the sturgeon caught would weigh over 880 pounds.

“In the first few minutes I had it on the line I couldn’t believe the weight and power of the fish.  I am a big guy and I could barely hold on to the rod let alone begin to reel the fish,’ explained 6’3, 250lb university sophomore Paul Jarvis.  “Managing that fish became a true father and son challenge.  As I battled the fish my dad handed me water to keep hydrated and he even held on to my fighting belt and harness.  When I saw that head come out of the water it was massive.”

Photos: Great River Fishing