I love seeing kids fish. Setting aside the fact that it’s critical to our sport that the next generation is exposed to it, I just love seeing kids’ reaction to catching a fish. Sometimes, it’s not just the child who gets hooked. I personally lost my connection to fishing when I went to college. Chasing my degree, then later climbing the corporate ladder and starting a family disconnected me from fishing. Ironically, it was a visit to see my parents and my dad’s suggestion of taking my son to a trout farm that reignited my love of the sport. Thanks, Dad and Jake.

Some kids are lucky to be born into an outdoor lifestyle. Eight-year-old Zach Engelmeyer is one of them. Zach’s dad is a professional outdoor photographer and his family lives the life. On a trip to the Bassmaster Classic, Zach got a free lure as a giveaway. Look what he did with it.

zach1Zach Engelmeyer is a highly imaginative, very expressive 8-year-old whose mother is a former Miss Missouri and whose father, a professional photographer, takes all the cool photos you see featured in Mossy Oak Camo and other outdoor brand advertising campaigns.

Collectively, it’s a family that lives and loves the outdoors. So much so, that in early 2013 the whole family drove three hours from their Southwest Missouri home to Tulsa, Oklahoma to enjoy the Bassmaster Classic together as fans of the sport.

While Zach’s bass-obsessed older brother, Sammy shopped for lures at the Classic Outdoor Expo like the ones KVD uses, the younger Zach was thrilled to carry home a free Cotton Cordell Big O  squarebill with a Toyota logo stamped on it that Bonus Bucks pro staffer Darold Gleason of Toledo Bend gave him when the family visited the Toyota booth.

A little more than a year later, Zach’s free fishing lure paid big dividends – more than 7 pounds worth in fact. Still wearing safety glasses following a BB gun hunt, Zach insisted on using the free treble-hooked token he’d hauled home from Tulsa to take a shot at the big bass in a 7-acre lake on the family’s hunting land north of Stockton, MO.

Photos: Wired2Fish