Spring has sprung in Ontario, Canada, and it’s time for the Port Dover Perch Derby. Port Dover is located on the northern shore of Lake Erie. The derby, in it’s 17th year, is offering more than $23,000 in prize money. Anyone can win, as prizes aren’t based on biggest fish. There will be 40 tagged perch worth from $100 up to the grand prize of $2,000. In addition, daily raffle prizes are offered to participants. The derby runs until May 10, so get out and enjoy it! More details in this article from the Port Dover Maple Leaf.

perchThe 17th annual Port Dover Perch Derby gets underway Friday evening with the popular Cast-Off Party, followed on Saturday by 15 days of fishing for 40 tagged perch fish.

The 40-tagged fish will be dropped into the water starting at 6:30 on Friday evening and people are able to watch as a tug moves along the Lynn River and into the harbour casting the perch into the water. Then join in the fun at the ‘Cast Off Party’ in the community centre. It is free admission with games, prizes, music by Bruce ‘House’ Milner and a Penny Table. There will be a Wing Buffet and Hot Dogs available from 7 to 8 p.m. The cost is $13 for adults and $6 for juniors.

The next morning, Saturday, April 26 the fishing begins. The Derby is organized by the Port Dover Board of Trade and Port Dover Firefighters.

The prize money for landed tagged perch this year totals $23,500 (if caught according to regulations).

Photos: Port Dover Maple Leaf (top); Fishhound (above)